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Titles updated 21 June 2016

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Title Price

The Spirits Book Allan Kardec NZ$30
Gospel According to Spiritism Allan Kardec NZ$30
Mediuns Book  Allan Kardec NZ$30
Genesis Allan Kardec NZ$30
Heaven and Hell Allan Kardec NZ$30
Courage Joana de Angelis NZ$20
In the Domain of Mediunship NZ$20
Disobsession NZ$20
Green Light NZ$20
Our Daily Bread NZ$20
The Path Way The Thruth and Life NZ$20
We are all mediuns NZ$20
Reencarnacao e Evolucao das Especies NZ$20
O Redentor NZ$20
O Livro dos Espiritos (Portugues) NZ$20
Parias em Redencao NZ$20
Poemas da Paz NZ$20
Atitude de Amor NZ$20
Espiritismos e Curriculo NZ$20
Sonhos e Regressao NZ$20
Temas Polemicos do Seculo XXI NZ$20
Kids Books
Big Bad Wolf NZ$15
A Primer on Been Good NZ$15
The Wicked Queen NZ$15
Espiritismo para Criancas NZ$15
Toinzinho e Chico Xavier