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In the cold landscape and without better a welcome, the only accommodation available was

the small cave where they kept the animals.

There was nowhere else that could host Him.  


A world filled with problems and restless lives, was too worried about the powerful people

of the time and reserved its attention only for those who basked in luxury and in pleasure.


There was always indifference, disrespect and closed doors for the simple and unadorned people,

which made their steps harder.  


Today, almost everything remains the same. 


Nevertheless, during that night's clear and starry sky, among the animals in a small manger,

used as a cozy cradle, Jesus was born, and He transformed that barn into a scenario

of indelible light that continues to project clarity on the long night of the centuries for

almost two thousand years...  


Inaugurating the era of humility and resignation, Jesus chose simplicity in order to teach inner

exaltation as the only condition for true happiness. 

His kingdom, settled on that night of cosmic harmony, continues to create opportunities for

redemption to all who decide to find shelter in its dependencies.  

His humble birth continues to produce historical echoes, never before envisaged.


Men and women who have made contact with His news and message were transformed,

changing their lives and behaviour, becoming from then on, light holders that point to

happy pathways to Mankind. 




Innumerable conquerors and their warriors passed through the world since that time.  

Powerful governments have established kingdoms and empires that seemed to be prepared to

eternity and collapsed painfully.   


Artists and technicians, of rare beauty and depth of knowledge, developed sophisticated equipment

and other ways to make the Earth a better place, and yet they disappeared.  


Indomitable dictators and unusual aristocrats appeared on the terrestrial stage, showing social status,

pride and superiority that the tomb silenced eventually. 


...They stood for some time, leaving their strong footprints, which made some hated, others

rejected under the contempt of later generations.

But Jesus was different. 


Misunderstood, the Singer of Love accepted the cross, not to give assent to the crime

and embraced His death but not to be allied with the dead.

Therefore, He reappeared, in triumph and greatness, becoming the most perfect being

that ever walked the Earth, as the model that God has given us as a Guide. 

While Mankind goes thru extreme pain, when socioeconomic misery kills millions of lives

that rattle in abandonment...

When cruel disease demonstrates the fragility of organic creatures...

When violence goes mad and kills...

When the toxic substances ruin a great amount of the youth around the world, alongside other ills

that attest to the failure of materialism, the undefiled figure of Jesus rises, inviting reflection,

love and peace, while the echoes of His Christmas talk in silence:

He who has saved countless lives, asks that you do something, loving and freeing the mistakes  of

at least one person.  

Remember Him, on Christmas Eve, share goodness and inscribe Him in your heart and mind,

so that you never separate yourself from Him. 

Franco, Divaldo Pereira. From the book: Enriching moments.
Dictated by the spirit Joanna de Angelis.
Salvador, BA. Brazil: FAIR, 1994.



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