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Meditation is valuable resource to have a healthy and tranquil life.Through it, man acquires self-knowledge, penetrating within his inner reality and discovering endless resources, which remain unknown.   

To meditate means to gather emotional fragments in a harmonious whole, thus eliminating phobias and anxieties and liberating feelings that not only confines the person but also obstructs his advancement towards progress. 

Pressure and excitements in an agitated and competitive world as much as dissatisfactions and inner disappointments only generate conflict within the personality, which in turn, ends up making the individual sick , causing isolation.  

Meditation provides the therapy of renew, leading the person towards genuine values to which he should address his efforts.  

In order to acquire a state of peace, it is not necessary to cut the link with society, nor to try to search for formulas or mystical practices, or even to impose oneself into new habits so substituting the old ones. 

Some simple instructions are useful to those who wish to renew energies, renewing the cells of the soul and being reinvigorated by optimistic perspectives, so that spiritual progress may be achieved.

Breathing deeply and calmly is very important to exercise meditation. After that, relax the muscles so eliminating points of tension in the physical and mental areas through the removal of anxiety and lack of confidence.

Afterwards, keep serenity and be quiet as much as possible keeping your mind in something beautiful, superior and dynamic just like the ideal of happiness, beyond limits and objective impressions.

This effort is a valuable attempt to understands life, to discover the meaning of existence, human nature and the own mind.

By this process, there is an identification between the individual and the Creator, thus understanding who one’s is, why and for what purpose one lives.It is not a moment for questions from the intellect.

Meditation means silence.It is not a matter of escaping from an objective reality but overcoming it.

Before searching for a goal ahead of us, it is necessary to be harmonised.

There is no need for complexes methods or rational concepts. It is enough to feel, live and consequently become light.

The individual in his totality, meditates, achieves self-realisation, become independent from matter, thus penetrating into the extra physical world.Initially, thoughts and sentiments are part of meditation until the moment that for one it is not necessary any more to think or aspirate, but only to be. 

Therefore, after a struggle get into the habit of meditating.

Thus, keep a few minutes a day for meditation, which brings you peace and renew to face new challenges. Once you have finished your moment of renew then pray and thank God for the blessing of life, so that you may remain ready to achieve with optimism and strength new steps in the pathway of ascension.


Joanna De Angelis/Divaldo Franco


~ September 2010 ~


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