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Dear friends of Allan Kardec Spiritist Group of New Zealand.

This is our first Monthly Calendar. You will find all the activities and lectures for the month and the upcoming events. So you all know what is happening in the group. On 18th April we will have our first public lecture and on the day of the first publication of “The Spirits’ Book” we celebrate “153 years of Spiritism”. On this lecture you will see a brief overview of the History of Spiritism and the importance of the first book of the Codification by Allan Kardec.

We thought it would be a great opportunity to include a message in this newsletter and the first one is by Emmanuel.

Enjoy it.


Invitation to Good

"But when you are invited, go." Jesus (Luke, 14:10)


In all epochs, good constitutes the divine source, susceptible of supplying us immortal values. A reflective man would have noticed that all the childhood period is a set of appeals to the sublime fount. The sacred invitation is repeated, years over and over. That comes through from loving human parents, from the schooling mentors, from the religious feelings, from common friends. However, rare intelligences reach the youth with attention set on the elevated inducement. Nearly everyone listens to the request of inferior nature, ignoring precious obligations. The appeals, nevertheless, continue ...Here, it is a friendly book, revealing the truth in silence; there, it is a generous colleague who insists in favour of the illuminated realities of life... The rebellion, however, yet throughout adulthood, laughs unconsciously, going, therefore, in a compulsory march towards natural disenchantment, which imposes him more balanced thoughts. In Jesus' Gospel, the invitation to good marks eternal clarity. By responding to it, we can go forth towards our Father, with no hesitation. If the Christian bugle has already reached your ears, accept its clarion without vacillating. Don't you wait for the goad of necessity. Under the tempest, it is even more difficult to view the safe shore. The majority of our brotherhood on Earth march towards God under the ultimate of sufferings, but don't you wait for the whip of darkness, as you can go on, calmly, by the clear road of love.



Emmanuel - From the book "Our Bread" (Pão Nosso), psychographed by the medium Francisco C. Xavier



~ April 2010 ~
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4  5  6  7 Weekly Doctrinal meeting:@ Parnell Communnity Centre.545 Parnell Road19:00 – 20:308  9  10  
11 ESDE – Systematic Study of the Spiritis Doctrine – Book 1. On going course.  12  13  14Weekly Doctrinal  meeting:@ Parnell Communnity Centre.545 Parnell Road19:00 – 20:30 15  16  17  
18 Public Lecture @ Parnell Community centre:“153 years of  Spiritism”.19:00 – 20:15
Speaker: Mani Fagundes
19  20  21 Weekly Doctrinal meeting:@ Parnell Communnity Centre.545 Parnell Road19:00 – 20:3022  23  24  
25 ESDE – Systematic Study of the Spiritis Doctrine – Book 1. On going course.  26  27  28 Weekly Doctrinal meeting:@ Parnell Communnity Centre.545 Parnell Road19:00 – 20:30 29  30  Notes:






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