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The Groups, Centers, or Spiritist Societies offer the following basic activities:
"To motivate and to guide its participants to implement and maintain the Study Meeting of the Gospel at Home, as effective support for the spiritual harmony of the family."

1. Fundamentals

" What is the most perfect example that God has offered to us, to serve as a guide and model?
Jesus the God-given model of moral perfection toward which we should all strive. Animated by the Divine Spirit, Jesus was the purest being who has ever appeared on Earth; and the doctrine He taught is, accordingly, the purest expression of the Divine Law."

Allan Kardec (The Spirits' Book, Question 625)

"Social interaction is necessary to evolution, and family ties are the basis for life in society. This is why social interaction is a natural law. God wants humans, by living together in society, to learn to love each other."

Allan Kardec (The Spirits' Book, Question 774)

"When the Gospel penetrates the home, the heart opens up more easily the door to the Divine Master."

Emmanuel ("Jesus no Lar “ Automatic Writing Francisco Candido Xavier)

The Study Meeting of the Gospel at Home is the gathering of the family for the study of the Gospel under the light of Spiritism and their joint prayers.
It is of vital importance for the spiritual balance of the family and the harmony of the domestic atmosphere.
In this meeting, in addition to the study and vibrations carried out together, there is also the opportunity for the Spiritual friends to provide spiritual assistance to the home, and in particular, to each one of its members.

2. Organization

 - The entire family should be motivated to participate in the Study Meeting of the Gospel at Home, including the children.
 - If other members of the family cannot or do not wish to participate in the study, one person alone can accomplish it, with the certainty that the home, as well as other relatives, will benefit from it.
 - This should be a weekly meeting, on a day and hour previously chosen.
 - The meeting should have a minimum duration of 30 min., but should not exceed 1 hour. If children are participating, the minimum time should be chosen. 
 - Punctuality at each meeting is indispensable, as well as the consistency of the meetings.
 -The sequenced study of "The Gospel According to Spiritism" is recommended in addition to excerpts from other evangelical works with the active participation of every member of the family.
 - Poetry, history, songs or Spiritist narratives can enrich the meeting.
 - Manifestations of disincarnate spirits should be avoided.
 - A glass of water should be placed for each person present so that they may be magnetized by the Spiritual Benefactors. Whenever necessary, passes may be administered, if there are people present with experience in such work.
 - In addition to relatives, neighbors, and friends, visitors that are in the home at the hour of the meeting may also be invited to participate in the study. 
 - It is advisable, in order to avoid interruptions, to turn the telephone off.
 - It is advisable to choose a place in the house that offers privacy, so that inconvenient interferences may be avoided.
 - On the day of the Study Meeting of the Gospel at Home, in particular, the domestic atmosphere should be preserved by means of attitudes and thoughts of peace and cordiality, and of uplifting conversations.
 - Less worthy conversations or inconvenient attitudes should not be permitted before, during, or after the meeting.

3. Development

 - The family will always meet on the day, hour, and place previously chosen.
 - Before the beginning of the meeting, the tasks of the study will be distributed, selecting the participants that will be responsible for the prayers and the reading.

3.1. - Initial prayer: Offered by the director or by the one choose by him/her; it should be concise, simple, and objective, asking God and the Superior Plane for blessings of peace and happiness. (2min.)
3.2. - Reading and comments: Read a page from "The Gospel According to Spiritism" and a page from another evangelical work, always in sequence. The recommended books are: "Vineyard of Light", "Source of Life", "Way, Truth and Life", and "Our Daily Bread" by Emmanuel, channeled by the medium Francisco Candido Xavier.
It is important that everybody actively participate with comments, contributing to enhance the subject and to enrich the lesson. (20 to 50min.)
3.3. - Vibrations: It is the prayer for the home, relatives and friends, sick persons, the obsessed, drug addicts, suicides, for incarnates and disincarnates, and especially for enemies. We should also ask for countries, world peace, and for everyone in need. Finally, vibrate for the benefit of the participants of the meeting and for the magnetization of the water. (3min.)
3.4. - Closing prayer: It should also be simple, clear, and concise, expressing gratitude to God, Jesus, and the Spiritual Friends for the blessings of the study and the lesson, and for the happiness of fraternal coexistence. (2min.)

4. Observations

 -Upon consideration of the high objectives, the great spiritual reach of the Study Meeting of the Gospel at Home, and the great benefits it provides to people, their homes, and society, it is advisable that the Group, Center or Spiritist Society motivate its implementation in all homes, by means of campaigns promoting its practice, and by providing guidance for its implementation.
 - These campaigns should be promoted through all possible means of communication.
 - Properly trained teams can provide assistance and collaboration to these meetings in their initial phase.

The constant study of the Spiritist Doctrine based on Allan Kardec's works and the permanent purpose of practicing its teachings, are indispensable for the correct accomplishment of any spiritist activity.


Supporting Guidelines for Spiritist Activities  2005
Translated by: Jussara Korngold, Marie Levinson and Anabel Perez
International Spiritist Council




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