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Tonight’s theme is: “Let your light shine”. Based on Chapter XXIV of the Gospel according to Spiritsm: “Do not hide you lamp under a Bushel.

Just for clarification, let’s find the definition for the word Bushel ( or alqueire) - a unit of dry measure containing approximately 36.38 litres.



If we read the text superficially and literally we can easily get confused and ask ourselves, If Jesus said that the light should not be hidden, why did He frequently spoke in parables, using allegories that could not be understood by everyone? Jesus explained to his disciples:


Jesus spoke to the general public in parables, because the people at that time were not in condition to understand certain things. The see, they hear but they do not understand, so it would be pointless to tell them everything for now. Is also important to take notice that Jesus goes beyond that and says that the truth was revealed to the disciples because was given to them to understand these mysteries. The teaching must be proportional to the intelligence of those to who is directed. A radiant light shining toward unprepared eyes could bring blindness instead of enlightening.


Jesus talked in the same way one would talk to children whose ideas are not yet developed; the lessons must come at a slow pace so that the knowledge is passed on gradually. A teacher cannot expect that a primary student understand a lesson designed for a college student.  Jesus, as the best teacher we ever had, knew exactly at what pace, where, how and to whom the lesson about truth should be directed.

 The same thing happens with people in general and individuals in particular; Mankind goes through childhood, adolescence, adulthood and so on. Each thing must come in its time, because the seed planted out of season will not grow, a fruit that has been picked before it is ripe, won’t taste the same and will not offer the same nutrients.

One thing is for sure; all truth that has been momentarily hidden must be discovered sooner or later, because after reaching a certain degree of development, people search for the living light by themselves. God has given us intelligence so we can at our own pace understand and guide ourselves

Collectively, mankind is now going through a transition to adulthood, where more of us are becoming aware of the light and the truth and we want our faith to be rational. Science and intelligence are developing in a way that many mysteries of the past are being unveiled. Let’s remebered what Jesus said that there is nothing secret that must not become known. Everything that is hidden will be revealed one day and whatever we cannot comprehend on Earth, it will be revealed to us at alater stage on a different spiritual plane.

We should note that Jesus expressed himself in parables manly when he was dealing with abstract part of his Doctrine. He was clear when  he made Love, charity and humbleness towards our brothers and sisters the biggest commandment and the express condition for moral evolution.  


Everything Jesus said  in this regard is perfectly clear explicit and unambiguous. This is what we must do to reach the kingdom of Heaven. Regarding the other parts He revealed his though only to the disciples because they were more advanced morally and intelectually; Jesus could initiate them into more abstract truths.

Nonetheless even with the disciples He did not disclose everything. The complete knowledge was reserved for later times.  Many of the misteries surronding these parables and abstract ideas gave way to such diverse interpretations untill science on one hand and Spiritism on the other came to reveal the new laws of nature making their meaning  comprehensible.

Spiritism has come to shed light on many obscure points, but in a very selective way. The Spirits also proceed in their teachings with a  lot of prudence; Just like Christ has done the superior Spirits have introduced many subjects of the Doctrine very gradually and successevely. If the y had presented the whole Doctrine Completely at the start, it would have been accessible only to a small number of people.

The Spirits allow each idea to mature and spread befor ethey present another and for events to prepare its acceptance.

Jesus also instructs his disciples to whom they should prioritize their preaching and focus their attention:




Once again we need to take Jesus parables in to perspective; we need to read them from the very basic principle of his Doctrine: Love and charity towards one’s neighbours. Jesus shows that his sights are not limited to the Jewish people, but they encompass all mankind.  So if Jesus told His Disciples no to go to the pagans, it was not because He disdained converting them or because He was indifferent towards them; this would be have been uncharitable. Jesus would never encourage such an act.

Jesus knew that because the Jews were more prepared to receive His word. They believed in the oneness of God and in the Law of Moses and the prophets. Among the pagans, where the basic principle was lacking, everything needed to be done; this would be a much harder task. That is why He instructed them: Go t the lost sheep of Israel, go and sow on ground that has already been prepared, He knew that the conversion of the Gentiles would come in its own time. In fact, later on the apostles would take Jesus words to the pagans.

Jesus words can also be applied to the followers and propagators of Spiritism. Systematic disbelievers, skeptics, obstinate Cynic and self-centered opponents are like the Gentiles were to the disciples. If we follow their example, we should first show the light among persons of goodwill, those who desire to see the light. We ought to find those in whom the fertile seed may be found. It is worth more to open the eyes of a hundred blind persons who desire to see clearly than one person who takes pleasure in darkness. Because doing so the number of those who will support the cause will only increase. Leaving the others alone is not indifference but good policy. Their time will come when they are persuaded by general opinion and when their eyes can see and when their ear can hear.

In the time of Jesus the house of Israel was a small nation. Today, ideas are universalized and spiritualized; the new light is not a privileged of any one nation. There are no barriers to it. It shines everywhere and all humans are brothers and sisters. Moreover, the Gentiles are no longer a people, but an opinion that is found everywhere. The opinion that the material world is the only reality and it’s more important that the Spiritual reality.

 Spiritism, as the comforter promised by Jesus will bring a better understanding of who we really are; where we came from, what we are doing here, what is our destiny and why there is so much suffering in this world.

The best way to spread the light around us to let out light shine and by the example of Love, charity, and respect towards our neighbours we attract people of good will around us.

Our good example and ur efforts to work on our inner reform, in an atempt to beome better human beings, is worth more than one thousand words.

Let your light shine.




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