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10 April 2013 by Alcione Fagundes dos Santos


In our daily life, for sure, people will say or do something that upset us; people will hurt our feelings and offend us and many times when this happens we will feel that this person is in debt with us and he/she should pay us back even if is just by saying “I am sorry” or doing something nice for us to compensate the “bad” thing that they did… We can’t control what other people do but we can and should control how we react to what happens in our life…

What is our normal reaction when we feel offended? Do we forgive people? Do we say that we forgive but we still have negative feelings towards the person that offended us? Or we just think that we don’t need to deal with forgiveness now (as is too hard) and we leave it for later…

Whatever we choose regarding forgiveness it is important to understand the real meaning of it accordingly to Spiritism so with this knowledge we can choose what is the best why to react when we feeling offended … and that is what we will try to do tonight. We based our research on the Gospel According to Spiritism, Spirits’ Book.  


In other words, someone offended us with something that they did or said and we make a decision to forgive them, the offence comes before the need for us to forgive someone and in order to understand forgiveness we need first to understand offence, why we get offended?

In our daily life we get offended, actually more than we should, and we can get offended for many different reasons so let’s have a look at some of them: 














Chico Xavier taught us a beautiful way of avoid offending people: One day a lady came to his place asking for some advice because she was having relationships problems with her husband and they couldn’t understand each other. They would start talking about something and then without realising she would say something that would hurt/ offend him and he would reply in a negative way and after that they would both feel offended .So Chico Xavier asked Emmanuel, his spiritual guide, for inspiration and Emmanuel prescribed the “Peace Water” Chico said: “ You just need to use the “Peace Water” , before start any conversation, just leave you’re the Peace Water next to you ready to be used, if you have something nice to say, say it, but if you notice that you are going to judge or criticise just put some of the Peace Water in your mouth but don’t drink it, just hold it until you are able to say something nice again ” . So the lady thanks Chico and with lots of hope she goes to the first pharmacy and asks: “Can I please have some Peace Water?” and they say: “We are sorry but we don’t sell this here” and she went to a few places and no place had it so she went back to Chico and told him that she couldn’t find the Peace Water. Then Chico explained that Peace Water is actually any tap water when you use in a right way anytime you want to say something that can hurt /offended someone...  












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