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Camille Calazans 


In this last lecture of the year, we will not talk about new themes or lessons. We are here to finish one more cycle of learning and gaining of knowledge. Therefore, it will be a message for all of us. We have studied in depth some points of the Spiritist Doctrine, some Jesus’ lessons, and some enlightenment about how to improve ourselves. We have passed through the Spirits’ book, Gospel according to Spiritism, and other valuable books. Tonight, we are here together to celebrate the friendship and companionship in the study through this year. So, the best way to do it is talking about Love.

 The message is simple:


Love everyone and everything. Love every moment, every pathway, and every decision. And love any trouble, any difficulty, and any loss. The most important feeling we can develop for us and for mankind is love. It is also the only one that can cure anything; physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual illnesses.

However, how exactly the action of love works? What is the love therapy? Love is the purest energy that surrounds all dimension of our being, from the universe to our cells. It is the primary energy of the Universal Cosmic Fluid. The Universe is made of energy, which can be taken in the form of rays, waves and vibrations. All living and non-living things in the Universe are made from variations of this fluid. It is God’s creation, based in the energy of Love. Today, the scientists are knowing more and more about the powers and energies that link the galaxies, the planets, the stars, and other corpuscles. The quantic physics theories are getting broader to capture the new knowledge about these energies. We are talking about black energy, matter and anti-matter, quantic physics, and most recently, The God’s particle. The same happens with the biology, microbiology, medicine, and other branches of sciences and knowledge. We are getting closer to better understand God’s work.


There are changes occurring in our emotional and spiritual dimensions too. More and more, we are receiving information about life after death, the spiritual word, through communications between here and there. That has a great influence in the acceptance of life as a total, life that does not end with death. The world was never so open for the concept of spirituality. People are seeking information about it, changing the way they organize their lives, and the way they behave. Some positive consequence of this new opening is individuals more kind to make a difference in their family, groups or community. It is the conscience of the importance to care about you, the others, and the environment. People are more aware about the own emotional state, about their feelings, and how to change it.


We started to understand, that we are not only body, but we are tridimensional: body, perispirit, and spirit. Health and illness are wellbeing or disorganizations in one or more of these three dimensions. They are all linked, and anything in one affects the others. An example, someone brought to this life a no yet resolved issue with another person, he or she is still angry and unhappy. Through the years this feeling can cause an ulcer or gastritis. Only cure the gastritis will not solve the problem, because the origin is in the individual’s levels of conscience, making peace with the past. 

Love is the great remedy that can change our inner structures. It is a feeling that modifies a person mind and feelings, creating a more peaceful behaviours and environment. Feelings like anger, selfishness, hate, resentment, and vengeance are the absence of love. When we focus on love, receiving or giving, these feelings get weak and disappear from our mind and heart.  In our body, it is possible to see how love functions. When we feel beloved or in love, our body produces more enzymes, in which contributes for the well-functioning of our organism. It improves our immune system. We feel happy, and less sick. Joanna da Angelis said that “Love is health that expands, becoming vitality that sustains ideas, fosters progress and develops high values ​​that should characterize human creature. (...) Love completes the being, assisting him in self-overcoming problems that lose their meaning before his greatness”. (“Amor, imbativel amor”, pg249)

We also feel more secure and confident to go through the difficulties in life. It is a sensation of belong to someone, a partner, a family, a group, or simply to God. We can see better the other’s needs, being more prone to help. We seek the beauty of life, and the gifts we receive every day. In the moment we change our feelings and behaviours, the love enter in our being, we start exercising the forgiveness and charity. Two so important acts, that it brings peace and good actions.  According to Joanna de Angelis, “it is an attitude of wisdom to forgive yourself and to forgive, since the conquest of ethical values is natural consequence of the emotional balance, safety platform for acquisition of the fullness” (“Amor, imbativel amor, pg248).


The first master that brought to us the Love Therapy was Jesus. He showed us how to cure through giving love. His miracles are vastly commented on the bible. It is a mystery how He could give sight to a blind, or make a paralytic walk again, or heal a leprous man. In the reality, Jesus with his pure heart and great love for the humanity knew how to move the energy and organize again the unorganized structures. Only pure love can do it. Only a pure heart can change it. Jesus and the following Spirits Guides talked about all the Divine laws, as such law of adoration, labour, reproduction, preservation, destruction, social, progress, equality, liberty, justice, love and charity. That is important guidance for us to learn how to live together, helping and sharing. However, Jesus simplifies the concept of Love in one single sentence: Love God above all things and our neighbour as yourself.

So, in all situations in our lives it is necessary to love. Only when we put love as a first feeling and principal generator of happiness and health, we can have a fulfilled life in the Earth or in the Spiritual Word. Love is the freedom.  As Joanna de Angelis describes:

“When unloved, we must love.
When pursued, we need to love.
When fated, it is indispensable to love.
When handcuffed to any dissolvent passion, liberation comes by love.
When you love, you are free.
When you love, you are healthy.
When you love, you wake up to the fullness.
When you love, the armor and rings that surround the body break up, and the spirit moves, producing inner life and renewal.
The love is light in the darkness of the tumultuous feelings, pointing the way.
Love brings peace.
Love is a permanent stimulus.
Only by love is that the human being reaches the summits of evolution, transforming aspirations into realities that moves in the direction of the general good. (“Amor , imbativel amor”, pg255)












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