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Basically, when we face a situation where we perceive danger (physical or psychological) as a biological reaction,

our body receives a boost of adrenaline and this adrenaline increases our energy level, our alertness and we become stronger,

faster and more able to fight if we choose to or escape (run away from the danger) if we choose to do so, classic example (primitive times)

So, when the caveman either fight or flight he will be using all adrenaline (energy) in order to survive, and after that they will go back to their lives.

Of course, nowadays unless we are in the jungle or in Amazon forest, we don’t have to face the same type of problems,

but we have many situations that make us anxious specially in the psychological level and most of the times we can’t fight or flight (run away)


and therefore we keep ourselves in this stage of anxiety for a long time, stuck with this energy (this extra energy is basically anxiety)

How heavy is this glass of water?

If you only pick it up , drink and put it back is not heavy at all, but try carrying it with you for the whole day...

what about one week, and sometimes we carry the same anxiety /worriers for months.







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