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 Allan Kardec Spiritist Group of New Zealand

To be born, to die, to be reborn again, and constantly progress, that is the law."

 Dear friends 


May Christ's peace be around us. 

It’s nearly the end of 2012. But don’t worry. It’s not the end of the world… Wink

Puns aside, we would like to thank everyone for your support during 2012. We have achieved great goals in the improvement and development of our group this year. Many new friends arrived and the interested and attendance has increased a lot. We feel truly grateful by the many blessings we have received and as a remainder of these blessings we have published Divaldo’s Lecture: ‘Planetary transition’  (Portuguese only at this stage, subtitles coming up next month).

We take this opportunity to advise that the group will have a holiday break starting on the 13 December 2012. The activities will resume on the 16 January 2013.




For those who are not travelling between Christmas and New Year's and would like to meet, we will be getting together for an end of the year BBQ on Saturday, 29 December at Long bay beach from 10 am till late. BYO

Please see the X on the map below: 


 For more information on Long Bay beach click on the link: Auckland Regional Council

 If you cannot find the place on the day please call 0211669174, 


We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2013 by posting a beautiful Christmas message received by Raul Teixeira on November 12, 2011.


Christmas is Life


Here is Christmas breathing on us now,


Bringing blessings from Jesus to the world

Sharing His fruitful love,

Christmas that blooms new hope within us.


When it's Christmas, our being is anchored

In brotherly love, in deep meaning;

We seek peace from second to second,

For our planet that gasps.


When it's Christmas, there is always a new song

Which brings Jesus to help the people,

People He never let be alone.


Christmas is life that abundantly expresses

Lesson of heaven that transforms and redeems,

If Jesus be reborn within us.


by the spirit

Sebastião Lasneau




We leave you with our December calendar of activities and message on the link below:


Click here to go to our Montlhy newsletter page



The Allan Kardec Spiritist Group of New Zealand is a charitable non-profit organization established in Auckland in New Zealand since 2005.

The aim of the Group is to promote and disseminate the Spiritist Doctrine in New Zealand






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