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To be born, to die, to be reborn again, and constantly progress, that is the law."


Dear Friends, brothers and sisters

Welcome to our AKSGNZ monthly newsletter for April 2014 

We have great news  for this month. We are very happy to annouce our first international speaker for this year:

Mediumship, a bridge of light.

By Manoel Fagundes


It will be on the 16th April at our usual location and time

The lecture will be in Portuguese with English translation.

On another note, the Systematized Study of The Spiritist Doctrine module III has started for those who have completed module II. It takes place on Mondays from 19:30 to 21:00.

For those who would like to start Module I please send us an email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

This is s a Study group interested in improving the knowkedge and practice of Spiritism.

Metings: Every Wednesday from 19h00 to 21h00

Venue : Jubilee Building 

Address : 545 Parnell Rd - Auckland - NZ

The list of Spiritits books available have also been updated.  

Last, but not least we are also fully suporting the campaign to help our brother Marcelo Chivas.

For more information please click on the link:


For full details of activies and an inspirational messsage check the link below: 

Monthly Newsletter

May Jesus' peaceful light surround us all.


The Allan Kardec Spiritist Group of New Zealand is a charitable non-profit organization established in Auckland in New Zealand since 2005.

The aim of the Group is to promote and disseminate the Spiritist Doctrine in New Zealand


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5th September 2012 by Alcione Fagundes dos Santos



“The capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something”

Sources of Influence in our life

}  Family

}  Friends

}  TV/ Internet

Free Will:

843. Has man freedom of action?

"Since he has freedom of thought, he has freedom of action. Without free-will man would be a machine.“

(Spirits Book – Allan Kardec)


76. What definition can be given of spirits?

"Spirits may be defined as the intelligent beings of the creation. They constitute the population of the universe, in opposition to the forms of the material world.“

(Spirits Book – Allan Kardec)

456. Do spirits see everything that we do?

"They can do so if they choose, since they are incessantly around you. But, practically, each spirit sees only those things to which he directs his attention; for he pays no heed to those which do not interest him.“  (Spirits Book – Allan Kardec)

457. Can spirits see our most secret thoughts?

"They often see what you would you hide from yourselves; neither acts nor thoughts can be hidden from them."

- It would appear, then, to be easier to hide a thing from a person while living than to hide it from that same person after his death?

"Certainly; and when you fancy yourselves to be hidden from every eye, you have often a crowd of spirits around you, and watching you."

(Spirits Book – Allan Kardec)

458. What is thought of us by the spirits who are observing us?

"That depends on the quality of the spirits themselves. Frivolous spirits enjoy the little annoyances they cause you, and laugh at your fits of impatience. Graver spirits pity your imperfections, and endeavour to aid you to cure yourselves of them. “(Spirits Book – Allan Kardec)

459. Do spirits influence our thoughts and our actions?

"Their influence upon them is greater than you suppose, for it is very often they who direct both." (Spirits Book – Allan Kardec)

466. Why does God permit spirits to incite us to evil?

     "Imperfect spirits are used by Providence as instruments for trying men's faith and constancy in well-doing. You, being a spirit, must advance in the knowledge of the infinite. It is for this end that you are made to pass through the trials of evil in order to attain to goodness. Our mission is to lead you into the right road. When you are acted upon by negative influences, it is because you attract imperfect spirits to you by your negative desires, for inferior spirits always come to aid you in doing the evil you desire to do; they can only help you to do wrong when you give way to negative desires. If you are inclined to commit murder, you will have about you a swarm of spirits who will keep this inclination alive in you; but you will also have others about you who will try to influence you for good, which restores the balance, and leaves you of your decision.“

(Spirits Book – Allan Kardec)


460. Have we some thoughts that originate with ourselves, and others that are suggested to us?

   "Your soul is a spirit who thinks. You must have observed that many thoughts, and frequently very opposite ones, come into your mind reference to the same subject, at the same time. In such cases, some of them are your own, and some are ours. This is the cause of your uncertainties, because you have thus in your mind two ideas that are opposed to each other. “(Spirits Book – Allan Kardec)

461. How can we distinguish between the thoughts which are our own and those which are suggested to us?

    "When a thought is suggested, it is like a voice speaking to you. Your own thoughts are generally those which first occur to you. In point of fact, this distinction is not of much practical importance for you, and it is often better for you not to be able to make it. Man's action is thus left in greater freedom. If he decides for the right road, he does so more spontaneously; if he takes the wrong one, he is more distinctly responsible for his mistake. “       (Spirits Book – Allan Kardec)

464. How can we ascertain whether a suggested thought comes from a good spirit or from an evil one?

"Study its quality. Good spirits give only good counsels. It is for you to distinguish between the good and the bad. “      (Spirits Book – Allan Kardec)

467. Can we free ourselves from the influence of the spirits who incite us to evil?

  "Yes; for they only attach themselves to those who attract them by the negative nature of their thoughts and desires. “    (Spirits Book – Allan Kardec)

468. Do spirits, whose influence is repelled by our will, renounce their temptations?

"What else can they do? When they see that they cannot accomplish their aim, they give up the attempt; but they continue to watch for a favourable moment, as the cat watches for the mouse. “(Spirits Book – Allan Kardec)

469. By what means can we neutralize the influence of evil spirits?

"By doing only what is right, and putting all your trust in God, you repel the influence of inferior spirits, and prevent them from obtaining power over you. Take care not to listen to  the suggestions of spirits who inspire you with evil thoughts, stir up discord among you, and excite in you evil passions. Distrust especially those who flatter your pride, for, in so doing, they attack you on your weakest side. This is why Jesus makes you say in the Lord's Prayer, 'Let us not succumb to temptation, but deliver us from evil.'"

 (Spirits Book – Allan Kardec)


Thank you 



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