Why Spiritism


“Seek no rest in empty moments: inertia is simply the beginning of anguish.”
All religions are parts of the truth.

All religions – roads to God – are blessings and beacons of light Humanity bestows upon itself.

Thus we may ask: Why Spiritism?

Let us attempt, then, to clarify that traditional religions, although admirable as they are, find themselves compromised with preconceived notions and dogmas that, to a certain extent, are necessary for their own functioning and structure.

In their midst, human beings find satisfaction until further questioning demands higher flights to beyond the restrictions imposed by human authority, or until pain shatters the cocoons weaved by useful but superficial beliefs, where narrow views find comfort.

Since the 19th century have science and philosophy journeyed towards new understandings, multiplying the discoveries and inventions that have completely altered the external lives of all peoples. On the other hand, however, suffering and death remain the same.

Man must now understand that all advances available, enabling us to master the outside world, do not excuse us from self-knowledge. To fully know ourselves, thus, we need religion – to integrate us into responsible living and acting; for, without religion, man goes not beyond the condition of an evolved animal destined to fall back to the same level of other animals.

The Spiritist Doctrine is the Comforter promised by the Divine Master to all creatures, destined to explain, in due time, the eternal truths; and, by the eternal truths that Spiritism unveils to us, we positively know there is no death and that the great Justice of Life works, above all, in each creature’s conscience. God is love. Life is imperishable. Our Spirit is immortal. Earth is but one of the many homes in the vast cosmic greatness that surrounds us.

Humanity is but a single family. Each being is responsible for itself and each one of us is the architect of our own destiny.

To ourselves alone we owe the good or the evil, the triumphs or the defeats that mark our days.

Thus we have in the Spiritist Doctrine a Religion of the Wisdom of Love, present in every corner of the Universe, restoring our connection with the Gospel of Jesus.

Leveraged by it, any of us is empowered to get it right, to regenerate, to build, to improve and move forward along with Goodness – where, how and when desired.

At the door to the New Revelation’s light, we are faced with the ever renewing presence of the Christ of God.

Let us march forward with Him and, as His own promises state, love shall leads to the light and truth shall make us free.

(Psychographic message received by the medium F. C. Xavier)