Allan Kardec


Allan Kardec


Allan Kardec Spiritist Group of New Zealand

Meetings: Every Wednesday from 19h00 to 21h00
Venue: Jubilee Building, Pukekawa Room 
Address: 545 Parnell Road - Auckland - New Zealand

All meetings are held in English as a sign of respect

for the country's official language.
It is also to help all English speakers to feel welcome

and all Brazilians who come along to improve their English.


Typical Study Meeting Program:

·        Short reading and comments of an inspirational Spiritist message

·        Opening prayer   

·        Reading and comments of "Gospel According to Spiritism"

·        Reading and comments of "The Spirits' Book"

·        Vibrations and energy irradiation

·        Closing prayer

·        Spiritual treatment (pass, imposing of hands)

What is Spiritism: History, principles and basic books;








ESDE - Estudo Sistematizado da Doutrina Espirita

SSSD - Systematic Study of the Spritist Doctrine.


Program of a typical study meeting;
Where are we in the program and what have already been covered

ESDE- Systematic Study of the Spiritist doctrine.

Meetings: Every Monday from 19h00 to 21h00
Venue: Jubilee Building, Pukekawa Room  
Address: 545 Parnell Road - Auckland - New Zealand

Course aimed for those who would like to have a more detailed and 

in depth understanding the concepts and basic principles of Spiritism



If you would like to take part of a new group please send an email to